Pay attention to priority road signs!

***image1***Due to the main gate at Vogelweh being closed, the gate near the parking lot and fire station on Vogelweh has been opened for outgoing traffic turning right on B40.

Coming out of the base exchange parking lot, there used to be a stop sign. Now there is a priority road sign stating that if you are turning left out of that parking lot, you have priority. Not many people are paying attention.

There have been numerous occasions when I have almost been hit due to motorists not yielding to me, as I am traveling on the priority. Police directing traffic are reminding motorists of the correct direction, but is it possible to print a notice in the KA and broadcast it on AFN because I’m worried there might be an accident one day.

Thank you very much for your concern, we’ve also noticed some close calls at that intersection. Our 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron personnel and mobile patrols working near that intersection are instructed to pay extra attention to traffic flow. If cars begin to back up, they will manually direct traffic to ensure smooth flow and eliminate the confusion you see.

They are also instructed to stop and brief drivers who are obviously confused by the new configuration. Our police services folks are working with AFN and “Kaiserslautern American” to publicize the change in traffic signs and the importance of the new traffic pattern.
Again thanks for your concern and we always welcome another set of eyes on target.