Permanent e-mail established for Airmen

Story courtesy of the Air Force News Agency

E-mail for Life, E4L, is a pilot program designed to create a single, permanent e-mail address for an Airman’s career. The E4L address is mapped to the user’s local base account and e-mail is forwarded to that account.  The E4L is only for individuals.

E4L users must be associated with the Air Force, such as active duty, reserve, National Guard, civilian, contractor, presidential appointee, foreign national, non-appropriated funds employee, and academy student. The user must also be registered in Defense Manpower Data Center, which is done when the user is issued a common access card.

Airmen in joint-billeted positions who do not receive e-mail services from an Air Force base can request forwarding of their “” e-mail by requesting their current email address be published in the Air Force global address list. Visit at a government computer, while logged in with a CAC. Users should ensure the accuracy of the data that has automatically been filled in and enter missing and required information. Members should know that “” e-mail will only be forwarded  to .gov, .us or .mil addresses. Then, click on the ‘Submit Form’ button.

The approval process for submitted forms takes about 24 hours during the duty week. When the form is approved, the e-mail address should appear in the AF GAL within 24 hours. The “ e-mail” will be forwarded when the joint billeted address appears in the AF GAL.

To access a .mil network, you must be smart-card enabled. Because the e-mail account resides on a .mil domain, users are required to access the system with a CAC. There is an  exception to this directive for certain organizations or units.

A user’s mailbox size, determined by the local base network control center, will not be changed by this program.

The number at the end of an address is for individuals who have the same first and last name as someone else. To differentiate the same name, a number is added to their address, i.e. This number remains with the account if the person changes roles, such as moving from active duty to reserve or civilian.

If a person has multiple roles at the same time and is issued more than one CAC, each role is assigned a separate e-mail address. For example, John Smith is a civilian working at Scott Air Force Base and he is also a reservist. He is issued the account for his civilian position, and is issued for the reserves.

Only legal names will be used in the standard format. The “” address is the account built off legal names stored in DMDC, which will also reflect the use of hyphens in names.

If a person was not given an E4L address, the person’s DMDC and global address information are not consistent with each other.

Department of Defense contractors will not receive an E4L address; only Air Force contractors will. It is important to ensure the user’s CAC reflects “Air Force Contractor.” A new CAC issued as an “Air Force Contractor” corrects the DMDC record.

 Information in the AF GAL must be correct and match the information on the user’s CAC. Base level local support should provide assistance with this, or go to the “My Profile” section here.

During in and out-processing for PCS move or equivalent, the system is updated with a new address to forward messages. New messages sent to the E4L account are forwarded to the new “” (or equivalent) account. Messages previously received are not transferred to the new account.