Personnel services available on AF Portal

The days are nearing an end of Air Force members having to remember a notebook full of user IDs and passwords to get into basic online personnel services.
The solution is the Air Force Portal.
“The Portal is a powerful tool,” said Col. Gregory Touhill, director of personnel data systems, Air Force Personnel Center. “We took the personnel applications our military and civilian employees use most often and made them accessible via the Portal.”
Accessible on the Portal are virtual out processing, retraining vulnerability lists, civilian employee career briefs and the Employment Benefits Information System.
“Now, an airman deployed anywhere in the world has access to his or her personnel records through the Portal,” he said. “Especially with so many high-demand applications available, it’s time everyone got an account.”
By logging on to the Air Force Portal, users will have “reduced sign-on” access to 14 of the most used personnel Web services, like the virtual Military Personnel Flight and civilian employment pages that enhance mission capability for today’s war-fighter, said the colonel.
The Air Force Portal is located at
“Users won’t have to remember several passwords and input them every time they want to get into a particular application anymore,” said Colonel Touhill. “Instead, airmen can log into the Portal when they come to work and use the available applications all day long.”
The Air Force chief of staff has said he wants all Air Force people to establish a Portal account by April. Establishing an account takes only a few minutes, officials said.
For more information about the Portal or any of the online applications, call the Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775. (Courtesy of AFPC News Service)