Ramstein inducts new chiefs

The Ramstein Area Chief’s Group inducted 34 senior master sergeants selected for promotion to chief in a ceremony Jan. 24 at the Ramstein Officers’ Club.
During a candle lighting ceremony, the senior ranking chief in the Ramstein Area Chief’s Group and the most junior of the chief selects lit nine candles. Each candle represented the nine enlisted grades of the Air Force and reminded the inductees of the experiences, friendships and memories accompanying each stage of their careers.
In addition to the candle lighting ceremony, inductees were also reminded of the Chief’s Creed expressing the values they must strive to maintain every day.
The KMC’s newest inducted chief’s are:

Amrine, Michael L.
Austin, Kimberly D.
Batta, Christopher
Cole, Clifton G.
Couture, William R.
Devine, David A.
Dick, Gerald J.
Edwards, Kim V.
Ferguson, Susan D.
Fuller, Mathew S.
Goolsby, Kerry L.
Gray, James A.
Hadeed, Marcus A.
Hagadorn, Samuel G.
Hurst, David M.
Kenney, Bruce A.
Lewis, Denise L.
Linde, David W.
Loftis, Joan B.
Lovett, Joseph M.
Ludwig, Stephen R.
McLaughlin, Daniel
Nelson, Jeffrey D.
Neubauer, Ricky D.
O’Neal, Michael C.
Perkins, Bruce W.
Perrin, William E.
Pires, Kenneth L.
Polansky, Dennis R.
Remedies, Kevin N.
Sheehan, Patrick A.
Shoemaker, David J.
Solomito, Cynthia M.
Thoreson, Michael J.