Pet Fest 06

Christine June
U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern

***image1***Instead of “No Pets Allowed,” it was a dog’s life Saturday at the Eighth Annual Pet Fest at Pulaski Park on Pulaski Barracks.

When the park went to the dogs, it was a day filled with contests, demonstrations, classes for dogs and owners, and activities for children.

“It’s just a fun day for everyone to come out and celebrate their pet,” said Spc. Staci Mañan, 51st Medical Detachment Pulaski Vet Clinic animal care specialist, who organized the 2006 Pet Fest. “It’s the one day of the year that pets are allowed in the park.”

***image2***The 51st MED DET hosts the Pet Fest each year in celebration of National Pet Week, which this year was May 7 to 13 in the United States. Specialist Mañan said the KMC’s celebration was held this year in June to wait for warmer weather. Although not beach weather, it was sunny at times and there was not a drop of rain to dampen the dogs’ day.

Specialist Mañan said there were many new things this year at the Pet Fest. Notably, clients were able to take advantage of reduced vaccines for their cats and dogs throughout May instead of just one day. Past Pet Fests offered reduced vaccines the day of the event.

“We decided to go with the entire month of May so that we could specifically focus on one fun day for pets and families to come out and enjoy it,” said Specialist

Mañan. “Also, people who couldn’t make it on Saturday could still take advantage of savings on vaccines all month long.”

More than 1,300 customers took advantage of savings up to $5 dollars per vaccine, said Specialist Mañan. There were six vaccines that were discounted, three for cats and three for dogs, including rabies and distemper shots.

It was also the first year the Kaisers-lautern Liberty Bell’s Dog school participated in the event. Based at the Rod and Gun Club on Vogelweh, the school hosted demonstrations of its Kaiserslautern K-9 Search and Rescue Squadron dogs and free puppy and basic obedience classes for dogs and their owners.

***image3***“Alex (a seven-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) has a barking problem so that’s why we brought him here today to train him to stop barking,” said Madeline Arnold, 12, after she and Alex finished a free puppy class. “The puppy class was fun, but Alex was a little scared though.”
Donations collected at the event went to the KMC Stray Facility, located next to the Pulaski Vet Clinic on Pulaski Barracks, said Specialist Mañan.

National Pet Week was founded in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association to promote responsible pet ownership and public awareness of veterinary medicine, and celebrate the human-animal bond.