Pick up of trash in KMC changes due to German holiday

The trash pick up in villages of the KMC will move due to the German holiday, Unity Day, which will be observed Tuesday.

The pick up of trash will move:
from Tuesday to Monday in: Gerhardsbrunn, Langwieden, Martinshöhe, Miseau, Elschbach, Buchholz and Mackenbach;
from Tuesday to Wednesday in: Weilerbach, Samuelshof, Rodenbach, Erzenhausen, Schwedelbach, Pörrbach, Lambsborn, Bruchmühlbach and  Vogelbach;
from Wednesday to Thursday in:Hochspeyer, Trippstadt, Frankenstein, Fischbach and Diemerstein;
from Thursday to Oct. 6 in:
Eulenbis, Wörsbach, Schneckenhausen and Heiligenmoschel.
If the regular pick up of yellow bags would take place on a holiday, it will be cancelled. (Information provided by Kaiserslautern County Administration office)