Player makes mark on basketball team

Pfc. Johnny Hudspeth
21st Theater Support Command
Public Affairs Office

***image1***Kamiko Williams’ love of basketball is typical for a 12-year-old. The only difference is she plays on a boy’s team.
Kamiko has played basketball her entire life, said her dad Master Sgt. Vincent Williams, 21st Theater Support Command, Logistics Operations (G-4).
“Its not easy playing on the same team your Dad coaches,” she said. “He’s (harder) on me than the other team mates. But without my Dad coaching I don’t think we would win as (much) as we do.”
It also might be why Kamiko is playing ball in the 13- to 15-year-old boy’s Youth Services League in Kaiserslautern.
She has been playing basketball her entire life; much the same way her Dad did as he grew up.
“I was taking her to the gym as soon as she could walk,” said Sergeant Williams. “She could play a serious game of basketball at age 5.”
Sergeant Williams grew up in the Washington, D.C., area where basketball was just how people got by, he said. It was something people did everyday. It was the way people socialized and entertained themselves.
Sergeant Williams said that Kamiko’s level of passion for the game rivals his own, and the combination of her talent and drive could quite possibly make her a very successful player in the sport.
Sergeant Williams said he hopes Kamiko’s interest in the game leads her to success as well. He thinks she has made a good start.
“I watch a lot of basketball and Kamiko’s definitely plays basketball at a higher level,” said family friend Sgt. First Class Ray Charles, Troop Support Battalion Supply NCO in charge, 21st TSC. “Frankly, she’s better than most of the boys that play in the league she’s in.”
“She’s very serious about basketball,” said Sergeant Williams. “In the off-season she’s not interested in any other sports.”
The most important thing Sergeant Williams said he wants for Kamiko is for her to develop the ability to be independent. He wants her to be able to do things for herself and not have to rely on anyone to be successful in life. Basketball is not everything.
“The most important thing for Kamiko to remember is that goals are only accomplished through hard work, extra work,” he said.