Polizei checks drivers during Fasching season

***image1***Fasching events take place each weekend until Ash Wednesday, Feb. 25.
The German automobile club, ADAC, wants people who celebrate Fasching to be aware that they cannot drive a vehicle while wearing a face mask because vision and hearing could be impacted.
If German polizei stops motorists wearing a mask, they will get a fine of 10 EUR.
If an accident is caused because of wearing a mask, consequences could be worse because insurances might not cover the damage.
ADAC officials also advise that people who plan to join Fasching events should take a taxi or public transportation. If someone is driving under the influence of alcohol, they will receive serious punishment.
The risk of getting caught during Fasching season is extremely high, because German polizei conduct an increased number of traffic controls. A blood alcohol content of .03 (0.3 per mille) can limit the ability to drive:
– Drivers might recognize dangers too late or incorrectly
– The field of vision narrows
– Glare increases
– The manner of driving may become more aggressive
– The willingness to take risks increases
– Other drivers and passengers in the car will be endangered
In Germany, partygoers with a blood alcohol content of .05 or more will get fined 250 EUR and lose their drivers license for one month.
In addition to this, remains of alcohol stay in the body until the following day. Therefore, people should not drive their vehicles even the morning after Fasching activities. (Courtesy of ADAC automobile club)