Travelers should know European holidays

***image1***The German automobile club ADAC presents a schedule of winter and spring holidays in other European countries. Travelers aware of these official holidays can avoid unpleasant surprises such as standing in front of closed banks or stores if in need of money or other necessary items.
Following is a list of holidays in Europe for the first half of 2004:
Denmark: April 8, May 7
Finland: June 25 and 26
France: May 8
Greece: Feb. 23, March 25
Great Britain: March 17 (North Ireland), May 3 (Scotland)
Ireland: March 17, May 3, June 7
Italy: June 2
Croatia: June 10, 22 and 25
Netherlands: April 30, May 5
Norway: April 8, May 17
Austria: June 10
Poland: May 3, June 10
Portugal: Feb. 24, June 10
Sweden: April 8, June 25 and 26
Switzerland: March 19, June 10
Slovenia: May 8
Spain: March 19 (not in all regions), April 8 (not in Catalonia, Kantabria and Canary Islands)
Czech Republic: May 8
Turkey: Jan. 31 to Feb. 4, April 23, May 19
Hungary: March 15
Many German holidays are regular workdays in other European countries. Good Friday, April 9, which is a German holiday, is not a holiday in Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary. The German Labor Day, May 1, is a regular workday in Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands and Turkey.
This year, Greece celebrates Easter (April 11 and 12) and Pentecost (May 30 and 31) the same time as Germany. Usually, Greece observes these two holidays five weeks later than most other countries. (Courtesy of ADAC automobile club)