Polizei reminds drivers to be prepared for winter driving

As winter continues to bring cold temperatures, snow and ice, local Polizei would like to offer a friendly reminder about things to consider when driving in these conditions.

In order to prevent an accident, drivers should ensure they are properly prepared for winter driving. The following are a few issues for drivers to remember.

• Road Conditions. Motorists must recognize dangers when driving in fall and winter seasons and adapt driving habits as required. In the fall, motorists should consider slippery roads caused by rain and falling leaves as well decreased visibility due to fog. In the winter, snow and ice further increase slippery conditions, increasing the danger and requiring slower speeds, more distance between vehicles and more patience.

• Tires. When driving on snow and ice in Germany, vehicles must be equipped with snow tires or all-weather tires. These types of tires increase traction in slippery conditions, increasing control over your vehicle for safer driving conditions.
Failure to comply with this recommendation could result in a fine. During typical wintry road conditions, Polizei charge a €20 warning fee if you are caught driving with unsuitable tires.
Motorists may also receive a fine of €20 if they impact traffic or can’t make it up a hill. If motorists block a road, the fine increases to €40. In case of an accident due to wrong tires, auto insurances can refuse to pay for the damage sustained.

• Windshield Wiper Blades and Headlights. Drivers should remember to add antifreeze to their windshield wiper fluid, check wiper blades and clean headlights. Windshield wiper fluid without antifreeze will freeze, limiting the driver’s ability to clean their windows, reducing visibility.
Also, old wiper blades and dirty or snow covered headlights will also decrease visibility

• Idle Vehicles. Motorists must remember vehicles are not to be left idle or with the engines running unattended. This creates unnecessary noise pollution in the early morning as well as increased air pollution. Motorists could be fined a minimum of €10 for these actions.
For questions or concerns, contact the German Polizei Liaison Office on Ramstein at
(Courtesy of the German Polizei)