Postal service makes vote count

With Election Day fast approaching, troops at the Ramstein, Sembach, and Kapaun post offices are working their hardest to ensure that every military vote is properly accounted for this election year.

One of the many ways they are accomplishing this mission is by postmarking all ballot requests and outbound absentee ballots by hand. This process allows the postal professionals to check each address for legibility and ensure that it is clearly postmarked, preventing errors and ensuring timely delivery.

Servicemembers are encouraged to request their ballots by Monday by filling out the Federal Post Card Application (standard form 76) available at all APOs. Completed ballots should be mailed no later than Oct. 11 in order to allow sufficient time for processing and counting.

Ballots received are tallied and tracked in the Automated Military Postal System database. Metrics are tracked daily for the number of ballots received from Continental U.S., delivered to members, forwarded and returned to sender. This ensures 100 percent accountability for all ballots processed. We take the responsibility seriously, and dedicate our full efforts to ensuring that the KMC’s vote is heard.

This is just one of many ways that the professionals of the 835th Communications Squadron’s Postal Operations are ensuring that the highest quality of service is given to the men and women of the KMC.