Prevention begins with you

Capt. Michael Landers
38th Combat Support Wing SARC

Nationally, April is observed as Sexual Assault Awareness Month as a way to raise awareness about sexual assault and to promote prevention of sexual violence through public education.

The Department of Defense theme this year is, “Sexual Assault Prevention Begins With You.” Everyone in our community needs to play a role – as a leader, a teacher, a friend or co-worker – in sexual assault prevention.
New DOD policies addressing sexual assault prevention and response seek to establish a climate of confidence in which sexual assault and the attitudes that promote it are not tolerated; victims of sexual assault receive the care and support that they need; the offenders are held accountable for their actions.

According to Capt. Mia Kreimreier, 435th Air Base Wing SARC, the DOD’s sexual assault prevention and response program incorporates new policy that represents fundamental change for the military services. Confidentiality and restricted reporting are examples of the strong steps forward that have been taken to address sexual assault.

SARCs serve as the center of gravity for each installation as the single point of contact to coordinate sexual assault victim care and track services provided from initial report of sexual assault through disposition and resolution of the victim’s well-being.

While the SARC primarily provides system advocacy, the victim advocate or VA provides 24/7 direct response to victims. According to Teresa Beasley, U.S. Air Forces in Europe SARC, VAs play a vital role providing accurate and comprehensive information on available options and resources so the victims can make informed decisions when managing their personal information.
For more information on the SAPR program, call the SARC 24/7 line at 480-7272 or e-mail