Principal honors students’ reading goals

Aaron Scalise
Contributing writer

***image1******image2***For the second year in a row, the children at Kaiserslautern Elementary School read for one million minutes. The difference this year was that the milestone took only seven months to complete.
To celebrate the occasion, David Markewitz, principal, once again played to the wishes of the students by getting his hair shaved off by a hairdresser from the Vogelweh Beauty Salon.
It was so funny to see Dr. Markewitz get his head shaved, said Jimmy Walther, a fourth-grade student.
Dr. Markewitz thanked numerous teachers, parent volunteers, and the students for the continuing efforts of simply reading, along with special mention to individual teachers and their classes for reading the largest amount of minutes in the school.
“I am extremely proud of not only my students, but of all the students that put forth a tremendous effort,” said Mrs. Borgert. Pam Borgert’s second-grade class was announced as this years’ reading champion.
Joining in the festivities this year was Sonny Bertschinger, vice principal at KES, introduced as “Ms. Readwell,” the new principal for next year.
Disguised as a woman complete with a flowing red wig, a long red dress, makeup and a purse to match, Ms. Readwell led the students in a rap song that praised their efforts for reading this year.
The children burst into laughter as Ms. Readwell entered the performance and were quick to catch on to an over-stressed high pitch and Mr. Bertschinger’s normal voice.
As Ms. Readwell left center stage, Donna Donaldson was introduced as the genuine new principal, starting next year.
Mrs. Donaldson is coming to KES from Kitzingen Elementary School.
The event turned into a tribute to Dr. Markewitz, who will be heading to Kitzgen Elementary School located in Wurzberg school district, Germany.
Jordan Robins, a third-grade student, said that she is “going to miss Dr. Markewitz so much that she feels sad already.”
Dr. Markewitz has spent the last five years at KES through numerous faculty and other administrative changes.
As he rewarded the children with a haircut, many classes and students gave tokens of their appreciation through songs, stories, and other trinkets.
Dr. Markewitz said he was dearly touched and appreciated all the wonderful years that he has spent here.
“Time at KES has been tremendous,” said Dr. Markewitz in a final report to the school. He wished everyone a wonderful end of the school year.