Questionnaire helps servicemembers affect their housing allowance

Beginning Monday, servicemembers from all branches of the military have the opportunity to affect their housing allowance by completing the Germany 2009 Utility and Move-in Housing Allowance questionnaire.

The annual utility allowance questionnaire for military members living in rented housing on the German economy runs until June 3. Responses to the questionnaire are used by the Office of the Secretary of Defense-level per diem, travel and transportation allowance committee to set the utility portion of overseas housing allowance rates for the next 12 months.

The questionnaire should be filled out by all military members, regardless of branch of service, who rent off-base housing. This year, servicemembers will also be asked to answer questions that will determine move-in housing allowance rates for the next three years.

 “Participation is the key component of the questionnaire process,” said Maj. Brian Kehl, 435th Comptroller Squadron commander. “Without the required 70 percent participation, servicemembers jeopardize their opportunity to receive compensation for rising utility costs.”

To complete the questionnaire, servicemembers will be required to compute a monthly average of utility/maintenance expenses for the last 12 months based on actual bills or records of those expenses, including any catch-up payments that were made. Expenses will be reported in the currency used to pay the bill without converting from euros to dollars or vice versa.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire and can be done from any computer. It should also not be completed before Monday because it will not be recorded by OSD.

The questionnaire can be found online at

For any questions or concerns, call the 435th Comptroller Squadron’s Financial Services Office at 480-5548.
(Courtesy of 435th Comptroller Squadron)