Racquetball season underway

Betsy Allen
435th Services Squadron

The 435th Services Squadron Fitness Centers’ intramural racquetball season is underway and 16 teams are competing.
Individuals compete in matches at the Ramstein Northside Fitness Center to earn points toward their team’s total.
As of March 5, the 435th Operations Support Squadron leads the seven American League teams with 26 points. In the National League, U.S. Air Forces in Europe Computer Systems Squadron with 17 points, sits in the top spot.
Matches take place 5 to 7 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays at the Ramstein Northside Fitness Center. For more information, call 480-5491.

American League:
First place – 435th OSS, 26 points
Second place – 435th Construction and Training Squadron, 24 points
Third place – USAFE Logistics (A4) Directorate, 14 points
Fourth place – 426th Intelligence Operation Squadron, 13 points
Fifth place – USAFE Regional Supply Squadron, 12 points
Sixth place – 86th Maintenance Operations Squadron, 9 points
Seventh place – 76th Airlift Squadron, 7 points

National League:
First place – USAFE CSS, 17 points
Second place – 1st Air and Space Communications Operations Squadron, 16 points
Third place – 435th Logistics Readiness Squadron, 15 points
Fourth place – 435th CS, 13 points
Fifth place – 435th Communica-tions Squadron, 7 points
Sixth place – 1st Air and Space Communications Operations Squadron, 3 points
Seventh place – 435th Vehicle Readiness Squadron, 2 points
Eighth place – USAFE Computer Systems Squadron, 1 point
Eighth place – 435th Munitions Squadron, 1 point