RAMP ends three-year run

Senior Airman Kerry Solan-Johnson
Kaiserslautern American

The Ramstein Area Motivational Program held its final retreat on March 1 and officially closed its doors on March 2, ending a form of nonjudicial punishment available to commanders.

“The closure was initiated after detailed analysis showed that while the program was a success, the same success could be accomplished at unit level,” said Col. Kurt Lohide, 435th Air Base Wing commander.

***image1***Since it opened in January 2004, more than 220 Airmen from across Europe filtered through the doors of the correctional custody facility, which was a 30-day program used by commanders to “re-blue” Airmen whose attitudes or behaviors had deteriorated.

“We had a successful program,” said Master Sgt. Leroy Lefiti, RAMP superintendent. “The experience of seeing the difference in Airmen from day one to day 30 was tremendous.”

Former cadre members, many who gathered for the closing ceremony, believed the success lay within the focus on rehabilitation, as opposed to hard physical labor as punishment. 

“We focused on the different needs of the Airmen,” said Staff Sgt. Jason Carrico, a former RAMP cadre member.

RAMP defined a success by whether an Airman,  after a year of leaving the program, was still in the Air Force and had no additional discipline problems.
“I feel I made a difference in the lives of these Airmen,” said Tech. Sgt. Tommy Litton, former cadre member. “It was a dual role of pushing them and teaching them what they needed to become successful.”

During its three-year stint, RAMP saved the Air Force money in replacement and training costs, said Staff Sgt. Joe Gallina, RAMP NCOIC.