Ramstein Airman sets fuels distribution record

Nate Cairney
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Senior Airman Rita Morris of the 435th Logistics Readiness Squadron admits that she needs a challenge. “I am one who, if I don’t have a challenge I get bored and frustrated,” she said. “I have always been a competitive person.”
During April, Senior Airman Morris was feeling especially competitive. That month, she pumped 2,027,662 gallons of JP-8 jet fuel to 112 planes. Most fuel operators put out 600,000 gallons per month, and the fuels distribution flight averages about 8 million gallons per month.

According to Tech. Sgt.Jonathan Northington, NCOIC for fuels distribution, Ramstein’s fuel output has increased significantly since the Rhein-Main closure. The additional volume has provided opportunities for motivated Airmen to go for milestones. Senior Airman Morris, who has been at Ramstein for nearly a year, wanted to go for two million gallons.

She is only the second person at Ramstein to break the two-million mark. “To my knowledge, that is the most (fuel) ever issued at Ramstein by one person in one month,” said Sergeant Northington.

According to Sergeant Northington, Ramstein is the busiest fuel distribution base in USAFE, and ranks in the top three in the Department of Defense.

As for Senior Airman Morris, she will continue to maintain a sense of ambition. “I looked at the two million (gallons issued) as a challenge,” she said. “My major focus right now is to finish my degree in business administration.”