Ramstein cleans up at Darby

by Jason Acre and Salomon Vieyra
Ramstein Rams Varsity Softball Club

Team Ramstein dominated the second annual European Slow-Pitch Softball Championships held over Memorial Day weekend at Camp Darby, Italy.  The Ramstein men’s and women’s teams took top honors among the 19 that came out for the three-day tournament.

The women’s tournament was completely dominated by the defending champions, the Ramstein Lady Rams women’s varsity team. Until the championship game, no other team had been within 10 runs of the Lady Rams. The championship game was a struggle on both sides between Ramstein and the Lakenheath women. Neither team scored as much as they had been scoring in previous games; it was a defensive battle. The Lady Rams were able to pull through in the end and win the second annual European Championships by a score of 3-2. Corinna Vieyra was named tournament MVP, with all-tournament accolades going to: April Caves, Jenn Taylor, Tina Obregon, Suzanne Butler and Becka Harris. 

There wasn’t quite the domination on the men’s side, but the Ramstein men did win in a big fashion to claim their first European championship. Having narrowly escaped a win in their first double elimination game, Ramstein went on to eliminate their opponents in a dominating onslaught. The Ramstein men averaged 29 runs a game in their last three games, sprinting out to the victory over the men from Lakenheath. Lakenheath fought a great battle on Sunday; they played extremely well even though they were very tired after playing six games that day. The final score was 32-19 Ramstein. Jason Acre was named tournament MVP, with all-tournament awards going to: Eric Schafer, Salomon Vieyra, Shane Byrd, Mark Noll and Anthony Molina.