Ramstein drama students write their feelings about September 11 attack on America

Ramstein American High School students address a frightening moment of
American history with their production of “Voices from 9/11” tonight
and Saturday in the school’s Great Hall.

The play presents a series of scenes and ensemble pieces that recreate the 9/11 events.

Sept.11 is one of the touchstones of recent history, according to the
play’s director, Dan Nukala, a teacher at Ramstein high school.

“For my generation, the assassination of President Kennedy is one of
those moments nobody can forget. We can remember exactly where we were
and what we were doing when we heard the news,” Mr. Nukala said. “For
today’s students, Sept.11 has that same powerful effect.”

Students wrote original scenes and some were inspired by the
recollections of 9/11 survivors that students’ found in the transcripts
of interviews with the New York City police and firefighters.

The cast worked hard to build a true ensemble, said cast member Aaron
Bradley. “Everyone in an ensemble has to know exactly what to do,” he
said. “There’s no room for mistakes.”

The play begins at 7 p.m. tonight and Saturday. Tickets are $3 and the
play is not recommended for children under 10, due to the intense
nature of some of the scenes.(Courtesy of Ramstein American High School)