Ramstein-Miesenbach/Mackenbach: L369 closes Wednesday

***image1***L369 – the main access road (Mackenbach Road) to Ramstein’s East Gate and industrial companies at Kaiserslautern Einsiedlerhof – is set to get an upgrade.

“The contract was awarded after relocating several American military telecommunication cables in springtime,” said the LBM (State Mobility Office) in a press release.

***image2***Construction will start near the Mackenbach forester’s house, and will end at the East Gate.

The upgrade focuses on strengthening the existing superstructure to optimize the road in width, elevation and routing.

The construction can only be accomplished with a complete road closure and is expected to last until October. Traffic will be rerouted via beltway Ramstein and L363 direction Landstuhl to A-6 and to junction Kaiserslautern Einsiedlerhof. The southern connection to the East Gate can be used there. Detour signs will be posted. See the map below.

***image4***Change of traffic pattern on Ramstein
A new water line is being installed on Jefferson Avenue, between the Youth Center and Illinois Boulevard on Ramstein. Traffic is routed one-way in the direction of Illinois Boulevard. Completion is projected for end of May. Call 480-9043 for details.

***image5***New traffic light
Drivers entering onto A6 at Einsiedlerhof need to be cautious of a newly-installed traffic light. Under normal circumstances, the light will not be activated and drivers can proceed.  However, as traffic congests on A6, the light will activate in order to regulate the flow of traffic.  When the light switches to green, only one car may proceed onto the Autobahn.