Ramstein noise abatement committee works with neighbors to minimize air noise

***image1***About six weeks ago we noticed a significant change in the flight
pattern west of Ramstein Air Base. Previously, the flight pattern was
higher in altitude and positioned a few kilometers to
the north of our village across the uninhabited farm land.

However, the aircraft now fly low in a direct line over
the villages of Katzenbach, Spesbach, Hütschenhausen and Miesau. I have
noted flights as late as 11:30 p.m. and as early as 4 a.m. which could
interrupt even the heaviest of sleepers.

My German neighbors had voiced concern over the change, but
assumed it was temporary. Since the change seems to
be permanent, I believe our German hosts are now taking

I am concerned by the signs posted in all of the villages this weekend
reading “Stop Fluglärm” (stop aircraft noise) and “here lives
people” with an outline of a military aircraft. Have there
been any proposals to shift the flight pattern back to its
original location and altitude to avoid the problems that it has

You’re quite correct, as a result of the new southern runway opening in
September, the flight pattern at Ramstein has changed. The new runway’s
alignment and the resulting flight pattern were determined after
studies conducted by German Government agencies working in conjunction
with U.S. Air Forces in Europe in an effort to meet operational and
airspace requirements while mitigating the noise impact on the
surrounding communities as much as possible.

Unfortunately, operations conducted to the west on the new runway do
affect the communities you mention.  Quiet hour waivers for flight
operations after 10 p.m. are kept to an absolute minimum and granted
only to aeromedical, humanitarian, high priority, and contingency
missions. We’ve always been very sensitive to the impact of flight
operations on our neighbors.  The wing has implemented a
semi-annual Combined Noise Abatement Committee, whose membership
consists of representatives from the United States and host nation
aviation organizations and officials from the neighboring
municipalities.  It is our common objective to minimize the noise
impact to the maximum extent possible.