Ramstein takes top prize in European golf championships

Freshman Clayton Shenk of Wiesbaden, shown blasting out of trouble, and undefeated senior Anniston Fees of Vilseck were the overall boys and girls champions Oct. 10, at the 2019 DODEA-Europe golf finals at Rheinblick Golf Course in Wiesbaden. The 2-day, 36-hole tournament championship team was again Ramstein.

Shenk finished with 88 points, Ramstein’s Ben Todman had 79 and Royals teammate Micah Webb had 64. Shenk and Todman have been scrapping all season and usually finish one or two. Both are underclassmen and will pick up where they left off when they battle next fall, stronger after a full spring and summer of golfing.

Vilseck senior Anniston Fees and Ramstein’s Harley Parks finished with identical point totals on Thursday, but Fees had three more on Wednesday in the rain and muck to give her the title. The course was wet and sloppy on Wednesday, but the skies cleared up and made the course more amenable to golf on Thursday.