Retiree Activities Office seeks volunteers

The Retiree Activities Office, located in Building 2118 at Ramstein Air Base, exists to support, unite and enhance the military retired, active duty and DoD civilian retiree communities through positive volunteerism.

The RAO serves all military retirees, regardless of service affiliation, DoD civilians, surviving spouses of retired and active-duty personnel and all service members preparing to retire.

The RAO needs more volunteers. The RAO is currently only Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and the goal is to recruit enough volunteers so the RAO can be open Monday through Friday.

If you are retired (regardless of branch served), a spouse of a retired member and or a surviving spouse you are eligible. Some knowledge of German is preferred but not necessary; however MS Office skills are required in performance of duties working with a government computer.

If you can a work at least four hours consistently (it is a commitment) on any given preferred day of the week and want to help out this is your opportunity. If you want to know more stop by and see one of the RAO Staff consultants — Denise Schleyer on Tuesday, Jim Barrante on Wednesday and or Bob Cooper on Thursday. Either one of them can fill you in on duties and what would be required of you. If you are interested, give it some deep thought, step up and give something back to the community.

Send a short resume to: