Retirees work for the community, stay informed

by Max Pfauntsch
Ramstein Retiree Activities director

Do you ever wonder who the civilians are helping at the United Service Organizations, post offices or pharmacies? A lot of them are retirees and their spouses who have decided to stay in the KMC. They continue to give back to the military community even after many years of active duty.

There are many areas of opportunity if you have a bit of time and the desire to continue serving your military community. One of the areas is the Retiree Activities Office on Ramstein. This office is the liaison between the retiree and the wing commander. It helps retirees who might have problems with ID cards, Tricare, etc.  
This office makes sure all retirees in the local area are kept informed about changes to their benefits and entitlements. For instance, did you know Tricare is lowering the co-payment for generic drugs?

Did you know your September and December retired pay checks are going to be early and therefore might affect your tax status? Do you know where to go if you have tax questions? 

The individuals working in the Retiree Activities Office will point you in the
right direction or get the information so you get the answers you need.

The Retiree Activities Office is looking for committed, trustworthy individuals to help out. You don’t have to be a retiree. Anyone with an ID card can work in the Retiree Activities Office. For more information, call retired Chief Master Sgt. Jim Barrante at 0160-454-0062.