Rivalry event mimics ‘Trading Spaces’

Airman Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Members of the 86th Operations Support Squadron continued an ongoing intra-squadron rivalry Sept. 3, with a competition that had a Combat Proud twist.

The rivalry in the 86th OSS is a battle of “youth” vs. “wisdom” where two teams are comprised of unit members over the age of 30 and under the age of 30. This competition was the first non-sporting event in the “Over/Under 30 Challenge.”

The challenge was a “Trading Spaces”-like remodeling competition, in which the two Airmen, who have resided longest in the Ramstein 86th OSS dorms, had their rooms remodeled to their liking.

The Combat Proud-type event was focused on improving the living quality of Airmen who reside in the dorms. The future owners of the rooms picked out their color schemes and bathroom fixtures and allowed the teams to go to work with the rest of the creative control.
Along with painting, the bathrooms received a total overhaul. Fixtures above the sinks, outlets, soap dishes and towel racks were replaced. New tile was laid along with new grout and caulking in the bathroom.

Officers’ wives contributed to the project by making curtains and slip covers for both rooms. New linoleum in the entry foyers was the last step in completing the modernized rooms.

After the one-day overhaul, the 86th Operations Group Superinten-dent, Chief Master Sgt. Jeff Cowardin, and Master Sgt. Carlos Figueroa, 86th OG Standardiz-tion/Evaluation flight examiner, judged the final products and picked a winner.

“It was very difficult to decide a winner because both teams did a great job considering what they had to work with; there was tremendous effort in both rooms,” said Chief Cowardin. “In the end we picked the winner based on the more appealing color scheme and the more comfortable atmosphere.”

The Under 30 team was announ-ced victorious and evened the score to three wins apiece.

“The Under 30 team came together very well,” said Airman 1st Class Samuel Russell, 86th OSS Intell-igence whose room won the competition.

The competition went a long way toward making the dorm living conditions comfortable for the Airmen.

“Before, the room had four white walls and that’s about it; now it finally has color, and I actually have it the way I want it — it’s very relaxing,” said Airman Russell.

The competition was a hit for the “Over/Under 30 Challenge.” Comb- ining a Combat Proud event with an intra-squadron rivalry event resulted in doubling the participation compared to our previous dorm room renovations, said Lt. Col. Nelson Johnson, 86th OSS, Director of Operations, and member of the Over 30 team.

“It built esprit de corps and brought everybody together for a common goal,” said Master Sgt. Neal Foor, acting first sergeant, 86th OSS. Sergeant Foor scheduled the event and made sure all supplies needed were readily available.

“This project and the challenge overall has been an overwhelming success and has greatly enhanced overall morale in our squadron,” said Colonel Johnson.

With both teams tied at three after six months of the challenges the competition must go on. After every event the losing team picks the next contest. The Over 30’s are leaning toward golf because they don’t think their skills can be matched, said Colonel Johnson.