Romanian maintenance personnel visit Ramstein

by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Three Romanian air force maintenance officers and two Romanian air force warrant officers visited the 86th Maintenance Group on Ramstein Feb. 6 to 10.

The tour was for personnel from both air forces to learn how the other carries out daily maintenance operations. The Romanians met leadership from the 86th Maintenance Group and toured the three squadrons that make up the 86th MXG.
The three-day tour included meet and greets and visits to the 86th Maintenance Operations Squadron, the 86th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and the 86th Maintenance Squadron.

 While on the tour, the Romanian representatives had the opportunity to interact with the personnel who carry out the 86th MXG mission.

“A tour like this allows both parties involved insight into how the other
Air Force operates,” said 2nd Lt. Anthony Caltabiano, 86th Maintenance Flight commander. “We also get to build partnership capacity. We had the opportunity to talk about our different rank structures, morale in our units and about personnel issues we face.”

Opportunities like this present a new set of eyes to shed light on problems that a unit may be facing.

“It’s important to get an outside perspective on how other nations accomplish their mission,” Caltabiano said. “It offers an opportunity to look at problems from a different angle. Problem solvers need a fresh perspective every once in a while to provide solutions.”

Representatives from the two air forces came away from the tour with a new perspective on different ways to complete their mission.

“This was a successful visit,” Caltabiano said. “The Romanian team was very participative, they took notes, asked poignant questions and were very interested in the way we do business.”

The 86th MXG is responsible for all aspects of aircraft maintenance, back shop maintenance for the 86th Airlift Wing as well as Air Mobility Command, EUCOM and CENTOM assets.