School Advisory Board encourages participation

The KMC School Advisory Board for the 2003 to 2004 school year consists of 11 elected parents representing every school in the KMC.
These parents actively participate in support of their respective School Advisory Councils and bring issues and concerns addressed by students, parents, teachers, and administrators to the monthly executive board.
Issues are then reviewed, addressed and discussed to determine common trends within the schools represented here in the KMC.
According to board officials, all issues and concerns are encouraged to be resolved at the lowest level possible within the schools themselves.
However, in the event that a common issue, problem or concern arises that impacts a school or other schools within the KMC – the issue is researched. Information and a possible recommendation are forwarded to the installation commander or the Department of Defense Dependent Schools superintendent for resolution.
The SAB meets publicly every other month at alternating locations throughout the KMC. Dates and locations are publicized up to a month in advance.
“The time is ripe for a coordinated system to actively reach out in support of our children, parents, teachers, administrators and the overall school organization,” said Dr. Archie Bates, district superintendent. “If a quality education is to be achieved, there must be an active voice of all those involved.”
“Your voice is very important to this community, school system and especially to ‘your’ KMC School Advisory Board,” added Senior Master Sgt. Douglas Walker, chairman of the KMC School Board.