School bus safety includes a role for everyone!

The following information provides guidance that will ensure that KMC students arrive safely by bus to and from school:
% Ensure that children know and use the safest route possible to and from the bus stop.
% Parents are advised to teach children how to use crosswalks, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and how to cross the street.
% Children should wear clothing that is easily visible to motorists and that children practice safe behavior to and from the bus stop.
% Parents should teach their children to remain on the sidewalk and wait for the bus to depart before attempting to cross the street. Otherwise, a child attempting to cross a street in front of or behind a bus risks being injured by a motorist that is unable to see the child.
% Motorists on German roads may pass a school bus that is loading or unloading.
% Parents should talk with children about their behavior when riding in the family car and on the school bus.
For more information about bus routes, feeder zones and villages served by buses, log on to por tation.htm. (Courtesy District Transportation office)