School Feeder Zones determine location placement for students

Dr. Archie Bates
Kaiserslautern District Superintendent

School feeder zones are an important management tool used to allocate school resources and develop school staffing requirements. A school feeder zone ensures each student has equitable use of school resources and appropriate pupil-teacher ratio.
To alleviate uneven or inequitable student distribution, this district will only approve exceptions to the feeder plan under extraordinary circumstances such as student educational services or medical necessity.
Parents must ensure their students attend school in their designated feeder zone. Parents must also find childcare in their feeder zone or make arrangements to transport their students to their designated school.
The district carefully considers parents’ requests for exception; however, approval will only be granted under bona fide, exceptional circumstances. Parents who do receive approval must provide transportation to and from school for their students.
Transportation will not be provided for students with an exception to the feeder plan. If an exception is granted, it will be granted for the duration of the tour of the sponsor.
The district and community leaders are cognizant and empathetic of parents’ needs; however, the priority is the needs of the students.
The goal is to ensure that sufficient classroom resources and appropriate PTR are available at each school.
To determine which villages feed into which schools, check the Kaiserslautern District Web page at