Schools offer avenues of concern

Barb Worden
U.S. Air Forces in Europe
School Liaison Office

The U.S. Air Forces in Europe School Liaison Office understands the important role parents play in their child’s education. 

When educational concerns arise, the first step is to talk to the child’s teacher. If the issue cannot be resolved, then it is the responsibility of the school principal or installation School Liaison Officer to intervene as appropriate. 

After this point, formal channels come into play, starting with the School Advisory Committee.

The SAC is used to address problems at the school level. It is made up of parent, military and school representatives. Every school has a SAC which meets at least four times each year.  School officials encourage parents to attend SAC meetings, even if they are not bringing an issue forward to the committee. 

If an issue cannot be resolved by addressing the advisory committee, parents have the option of bringing their concern to the attention of either the Installation Advisory Council if assigned to a USAFE installation with only one school or the School Advisory Board if there is more than one school on the installation.

The SAB is designed to give parents a majority voice. It is made up of elected school board members, principals, the installation commander and the district superintendent. However, the purpose of a SAB differs from a stateside school board in that it does not establish school policy. 

Should an issue continue to remain unresolved at the SAB, it is raised to the next level. 

Depending on the nature of the issue raised from the IAC or SAB, parental concerns may be elevated through either the military or Department of Defense Dependents School advisory chain. These councils address issues affecting students throughout USAFE, the European Command and the entire DODDS system world-wide. 

School officials encourage parents to attend, participate or become elected representatives in these councils. Parents interested in specific council meeting dates and locations, or to find out more about the structure of the councils, can contact their local installation school liaison officer.