Security forces put brakes on speeding

Staff Sgt. M. Davis,/b>Kaiserslautern American editor

***image1***Speeding is coming to a halt on Ramstein thanks to security forces members who enforce the base speed limits.
“Speeding is dangerous, and we are always doing what we can to enforce the speed limits on base,” said Capt. Jeff Westphal, 568th Security Forces Squadron assistant operations officer.
Security forces members are armed with laser speed limit enforcement devices to measure drivers’ speed to ensure speed limits are adhered to.
“People should be driving the posted speed limit regardless of whether they see a police vehicle patrolling the area or not,” Captain Westphal said.
Military Family Housing and school zones are the areas of main concern, the captain said.
“Drivers should watch for children in those areas,” he said. “Children don’t always cross the street at designated crosswalks or look both ways before crossing the street.”
Another area of concern is the installation access roads, said Staff Sgt. Jeremy Homer, 568th SFS desk sergeant.
“Many drivers don’t pay attention to the posted signs along the base access roads,” said Sergeant Homer.
“In some places, the speed limit changes, so drivers should be aware and adjust their speed according to the posted signs.”
With a lot of construction taking place on Ramstein, people also need to pay attention around construction areas, Captain Westphal said.
“People need to pay attention to the signs and know what they mean around construction areas,” he said. “Drivers also need to slow down near these sites for construction vehicles and personnel.”
If stopped for speeding, drivers can expect a ticket and strict punishments.
“Drivers can expect to have their driving points assessed and can lose their license from one day to one year, if stopped for speeding on base,” Captain Westphal said. “The tickets go to unit first sergeants and commanders who make the decision whether or not to take administrative action againt the individual.”
In all just slow down, Sergeant Homer said.
“Just be cognizant of the speed limits and make sure you are following the posted signs,” he said.