U.S. guard, reserves augment 21st TSC

Pvt. John Hudspeth
21st Theater Support Command

***image1***Reserve and National Guard units from the United States came to Kaiserslautern to train and provide much needed support to the 21st Theater Support Command by repairing damaged equipment and sending that equipment downrange in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
During the execution of their annual 22-day overseas training here, these units will not be given days off for holidays, training holidays or rest and relaxation.
“We’re just here to get the job done and that’s exactly what we’ll do,” said Spc. Najeeb Muhaimin, a computer repairman with the 945th Service Company, 721st Troop Command out of Milford, Del.
Specialist Muhaimin is not working on computers during the first week of his time at the 21st TSC. Instead, he is helping to repackage engine blocks that are being sent downrange.
“Apparently, these engine blocks need to be sent out as soon as possible, so everyone in the company volunteered to do this detail,” said Specialist Muhaimin. “It’s definitely not what I’d normally do, but I’m just glad to be helping out however I can,” he said.
Helping each other is a theme that has made this mission much easier than many people had originally expected it to be, said 1st Sgt. Richard Banks, 721st TC battalion operations NCO.
After receiving the message that the 21st TSC needed immediate support to get equipment repaired and shipped out, Sergeant Banks recognized that the 721st TC could help out and also meet its own training needs.
“Our unit made it here in five weeks,” said Sergeant Banks. “We got in touch with the 21st TSC and we came together to accomplish what many said was impossible; we could have never done it without them.”
The accomplishment fulfilled the requirements of both units involved by providing the 721st TC Soldiers with much needed training and also by giving them deployment readiness practice, which is part of overseas training, said Master Sgt. Daniel Quick, the Army National Guard senior enlisted advisor for the 21st TSC.
At the same time, the 21st TSC received the manpower and qualified help needed in order to successfully carry out this mission.
“We’re ready to go downrange, if need be. This sounds like a pretty vital, successful rotation,” said Spc. Daniel Tribbitt, a heavy truck mechanic for the 945th Service Company.