Seminar renews mind, body, spirit

1st Lt. Jennifer Lovett
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Fifteen people sat cross-legged on colorful yoga mats breathing deeply and relaxing their minds in preparation for the yoga portion of a seminar for personal well-being Saturday at the Ramstein Community Center.

The seminar provided an introductory look at yoga and taught a painless way to rebalance the body’s energy system.
The 90-minute yoga class introduced beginners to a series of “Asanas” or “postures” combined with breathing exercises.
According to Bikram Choudhury, producer of Yoga Expo, the original purpose of yoga was to create the physical strength, stamina and concentration necessary for effective meditation. “The focus and discipline provide a sense of inner as well as outer balance,” he said.

Ranging in all levels of experience, the class was organized in such a way that beginners were introduced to the variety of poses for yoga and at the same time, advanced students were challenged to push their knowledge of yoga beyond the poses.
For instance, breathing rhythms correspond to movement in and out of each pose, and each pose works a different section of the body to include the internal organs. Inverted poses are known for working the thyroid gland, while triangle poses increase blood flow to the heart.

The purpose of the yoga portion of the seminar was to increase knowledge of yoga and alternative thinking, said Pam Worth, Ramstein yoga instructor.

“The benefits of yoga are relaxation, peace of mind and flexibility,” she said. “The fastest way to see results is to bring yoga into your life on a regular basis once or twice a week.”

For people who are new to yoga, Ms. Worth said, “Be patient. Yoga teaches patience and mindfulness. Anyone can do yoga.”
After the yoga practice, the seminar attendees were treated to a class on Emotional Freedom Technique – a wholistic healing method that teaches an acupressure technique to rebalance energy.

“My intent was to present a technique or tool for people to use for their own healing,” said Peggy Coffey, instructor for the EFT class. “The goal of EFT is emotional freedom; that is, being free from any negative emotions that we do not wish to experience.”
The negative emotions can stem from addictions, trauma memories, grief, phobias, fears, panic disorders, eating disorders, physical pain and emotional pain.

EFT is a non-intrusive, normally permanent and very fast method to relieve emotional and/or physical pain, said Ms. Coffey.
A person needs only to tune in to their problem and tap on certain points of the body. Although there are no known negative side effects, Ms. Coffey did remind the class that the technique should not replace the seeking of advice from a medical professional.
EFT has its roots in Eastern meridian theories, the same basis for acupuncture – a Chinese practice of puncturing the body at specific points to cure disease or relieve pain.

Ms. Coffey’s advice to newcomers is to try EFT on anything and everything. “See for yourself that it works – efficiently, with no side effects and permanently.”

To learn more about EFT, contact Ms. Coffey for confidential discussion at

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