Sexual awareness month begins in KMC

Capt. Patrick Pfaltzgraff
435th Air Base Wing Legal Office

To increase awareness of sexual assault, Brig. Gen. Rosanne Bailey, 435th Air Base Wing, commander has designated May as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
The Air Force policy on sexual assault is simple – No tolerance.
Sexual assault is a serious crime, with devastating consequences for both the assailant and the victim. No person should have to deal with sexual assault of any kind.
Sexual assaults can range from unwanted touching to rape. In an effort to assist victims of sexual assault, leadership has created the Victim Support Liaison Program.
Victims of sexual assault will have a Victim Support Liaison available to support them immediately after they report an incident of sexual assault. The VSL will continue supporting the victim until the assistance is no longer needed.
The liaisons are active-duty members who have been specifically trained to assist victims of sexual assault. These liaisons have direct access to wing leadership to ensure victims are treated with dignity and respect, and have access to all available resources.
In addition to the Victim Support Liaison Program, victims of sexual assault also receive information and support from the Victim Witness Assistance Program.
The program works in conjunction with the liaison program and steps in to assist victims through the legal processes associated with sexual assault crimes.
In some instances, there are also monetary compensations programs available to victims of sexual assaults.
Anyone who has been the victim of a sexual assault can contact military or civilian law enforcement immediately at the Ramstein Law Enforcement Desk at 480-2050. Victims can also contact the Air Force Office of Special Investigations at 480-2381 or report immediately to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Emergency Room.
For people with questions about any aspect of sexual assault cases, or for questions about any of the programs mentioned in this article, contact the Ramstein Law Center at 480-5911.
If you would like to talk to a liaison, contact the command post at 480-2121 and ask for a VSL. Anyone interested in volunteering as a liaison can contact Senior Master Sgt. Lisa Godley at 480-7696 or Master Sgt. Jenny Holloman at 480-2835.