Shabbat Across America and Canada coming to Ramstein

On March 4, members of Germany’s U.S. Military Jewish community will gather at Ramstein in an unparalleled display of Jewish revitalization and Jewish unity.
Conceived and organized by the National Jewish Outreach Program in 1997, Shabbat Across America and Canada represents a united effort by the entire Jewish community to renew interest in the fourth of the 10 Commandments — observing a weekly day of rest (Shabbat in Hebrew).

The Ramstein Jewish chapel will join approximately 700 synagogues across the North American continent that will simultaneously open its doors to practicing and non-practicing Jews alike, so they may join to experience and rejoice in a traditional Shabbat service and festive meal. More than 829,000 people have participated in Shabbat Across America and Canada in the past. Led by Rabbi Michael Bram, attendees will experience an interactive Friday night Explanatory Service and a traditional Shabbat dinner with all the rituals explained. The event will take place from 6 to 9 p.m.

“We just cannot accept the common perception that North American Jewry is an endangered species,” said Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, founder and director of NJOP. “While it is true that the vast majority of Jews in this country have never participated in a traditional Sabbath experience and do not feel a connection to the Judaism that their grandparents practiced only half a century ago, this should not be. Shabbat Across America and Canada is an exciting and modern way of reintroducing friends and family members to a practice that has been with, and unified, our people for over 3,300 years, and which we trust will be with us for at least 3,300 more.”

(Courtesy of 86th AW Chaplain’s Office)