‘Skills Development’ becomes ‘Arts and Crafts’

Steve VanWert
Air Force Services Agency

Name change clears up confusion, important to future sucess

Officials at Air Force Services Agency recently changed the name of Skills Development to Arts and Crafts, a name the program held until the early 1990s.

“Generations of Air Force families took advantage of Arts and Crafts programs on Air Force bases worldwide,” said Darold Carpenter, chief of the Community Programs Division at Services Agency. “We decided the name best describes what Arts and Crafts offer on base and name recognition is important to future success.”

The name change also cleared up some confusion at base level, where the term “skills” is used in several unrelated programs.

“We found out that many Airmen and their families were confused by the ‘skills development’ name,” said Greg Trapuzzano, chief of the Arts, Crafts, Tickets and Travel Branch. “So why not call it by the name that describes what it really is: arts and crafts?”

Arts and Crafts programs are also important in supporting the Air Force mission, according to Al Dooley, Services Agency marketing.

“By calling ‘Arts and Crafts’ by a name that is actually a description of what we do, we hope more Air Force families will realize the extent of our programs and take advantage of activities both for deployed Airmen and their family members at home.”

Ramstein Arts and Crafts includes a ceramic and craft store, wood skills center, a framing shop, engraving center and photo studio. The center offers a variety of classes, including crochet, basket weaving, drawing, cake decorating, wood carving and more.

Ramstein Arts and Crafts is located in the basement of the Ramstein Northside Fitness Center, Bldg. 552. Call 480-6534 or 06371-47-6534 for details.