Ramstein cycler takes 1st again

Airman 1st Class
Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The U.S. Forces in Europe Road Cycling Series continued Sunday with a points-based road race in downtown Kaiserslautern.

Ramstein cycler Thomas Essick won for the second time by scoring 26 points.
The race was broken down into four cateogries. The open category was for men ages 18 to 29, the senior category was for men ages 30 to 39, the masters category was for men ages 40+ and the womens’ category was for women of all ages.

The race course was totaled at 1.7 km and bikers had to total 25 laps, which were broken down into five-lap sprints.

Each five-lap sprint was worth points for the top four finishers and the final sprint was worth double points. First place received 4 points, second got 3 points, third got 2 points and fourth received 1 point.

During the sprints the men’s open and senior groups raced together, while the men’s masters and women’s group were paired up.

Essick previously was victorious in a mountain bike race that was held in Schopp, Germany, in July.

“It’s nice; it keeps the motivation going,” said Essick when asked about winning two in a row.

Essick fought off some pretty tough competition and rallied up a total of 26 points, which was good for an 8-point victory over Michael Slotton from Spangdahlem.

“I had some pretty tough competitiors, but I attacked on the last lap and was able to pull away,” said Essick.

He also agreed that scoring the double points on the final sprint just about guaranteed victory.

Top 3 from each class:

1. Thomas Essick
2. Michael Slotten
3. Ned McDevitt

1. Mark McClay
2. Trent Hornus
3. Kyle Odom

1. Richard Bird
2. Mareneo Santos
3. Herbet Crites

1. Sharon Tremble
2. Susan Fortunato