Snow tires ensure safe driving

***image1***The German automobile club, ADAC, recommends mounting snow tires now as the weather changes.

“The end of October and beginning of November is the best time to change tires to be prepared for a sudden winter start,” said Herbert Fauss, ADAC director for traffic and technology.

When temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, drivers should replace their summer tires, which are not suitable for cold street surfaces, he said.

Snow tires should not be older than six to eight years and the tread should be at least four millimeters or 0.16 inches. Because of their special rubber mixture, snow tires have a better grip, also on icy and wet roads, increasing safety.

In Germany, there are about 185 days of winter weather with coldness, wetness, frost, snow and hoar frost, according to police officials. In the winter, traffic accidents happen six times as often than in the summer.

ADAC also recommends checking the battery, the lights, the windshield wiper and cooler water. Additionally, motorists should have de-icer spray, ice-scraper and a broom to sweep off snow.
(Courtesy of ADAC and Police Headquarters Westpfalz)