‘So Others May Roll’

by Tech. Sgt. Michael Serrano
86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron

From getting settled at Ramstein to road tripping across Europe, one common denominator can make or break your overseas experience ― your driver’s license.
Most of Team Ramstein can remember the stress of needing transportation and then having to take the U.S. Army in Europe driver’s license test. Whether it was house hunting or attending appointments, the single linchpin to everything was getting that license.

Many also discovered that traveling across Europe required a second international driver’s license ― yet another process to complete. The 86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron has made some changes to streamline existing processes to help Team Ramstein.   

We encourage everyone to stay informed on new processes, thus ensuring members receive accurate and timely information both before and after they arrive in the KMC. Sponsors should inform their inbound wingmen of the advantages to testing prior to arrival overseas. The U.S. Air Forces in Europe Driver’s License Testing online system allows active-duty military members to take this test prior to their PCS. By taking it early, Airmen can get a head start on their transition to Germany and have one less thing to worry about. 

The 86th VRS driver’s testing team understands there are circumstances that prevent members from testing before arrival. However, we strongly encourage active-duty members to take advantage of online driver’s license testing. Study material and practice exams for members with a dot-mil account are available online at  wwwmil.usafe.af.mil/dlt/Default.aspx?. Practice material can be accessed from personal computers via www.usareurpracticetest.com. 

To ensure success when taking the test, members should practice sound study habits and set aside a reasonable amount of time to study. For those already at Ramstein, we have initiated new enhanced driver’s license support, offering improved driver’s license services and customer friendly service hours. 

One significant improvement is that the driver’s licensing team has partnered with the Rheinland-Pfalz county and will now provide non-official and dependent international driver’s license support. This will allow members and their families to enjoy all that Europe has to offer.

Driving in Germany is a privilege, and it is the responsibility of the individual to drive safely and stay informed. For questions, concerns or more information, contact the Operator Records and Licensing Office at 480-5534 or 2394.