Spring Festivals 2018

by Leonie Milde
contributing writer

Spring is upon us with exciting festivities in tow. Though spring festivals may be sneakily disguised as Weinfest, Stadtfest, Frühlingsfest, Frühlingsmesse and other blossoming terms, we have uncovered their true identities: sunny and delicious fun for the whole family. Find culinary delicacies, regional wine, kids entertainment and live music along with unique shopping opportunities at arts and crafts markets in picturesque cities in and around the KMC area with our guide to the season’s not-to-be-missed highlights from Europe’s biggest fairground to cozy vineyards.

— Photo by Milan Ilic / Shutterstock.com

Wine Festivals

Freinsheim: Blütenfest, Apr. 14 – 15
Flonheim: Trullo in Flammen, Apr. 20
Bad Dürkheim: Mai-Weinfest, Apr. 21 – 22, 28 – May 1
Bad Bergzabern: Fest der Mandelblüte, Apr. 27 – 29
Kallstadt: Fest der 100 Weine, Apr. 27 – May 1
Hambach: Andergasser Fest, Apr. 27 – May 1
Landau: Maimarkt mit Weindorf, Apr. 28 – May 7
Bruchmühlbach: Maifest, May 1
Neustadt: Haardter Weinfest, May 4 – 10
Eckelsheim: Tag des offenen Dorfes, May 20
Flonheim: Weinmarkt, May 26 – 27


Looking for a little more adrenaline than the average town ‘Fest’ offers? Visit these fairs for carnival rides like roller coasters, free fall towers, haunted houses and more.

Mainz: Rhein-Frühling, until Apr. 8
Frankfurt: Dippemess, until Apr. 15
Kaiserslautern: Wochenmarktfest, Apr. 21
Stuttgart: Frühlingsmesse, Apr 21. – May 13
Weisenheim am Sand: Frühlingsfest, Apr. 20 – 24
Kirchheimbolanden: Maimarkt, May 13