Stand up for ‘Roll Call’

Chief Master Sgt. Rodney J. McKinley
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

I’m extremely proud of the tremendous dedication and sacrifice each of you make every day to ensure the security of our nation. Our Air Force is the greatest on this planet because of your professionalism, dedication and ability to get the job done right. America’s air, space and cyberspace power is second to none.

One way we can continue to add to our effectiveness is by increasing our communications. Information flows at an incredibly rapid pace today and electronics have too often replaced people talking to people. We all have access to good information on e-mail, on our Air Force Web sites and through the television media. However, many Airmen work long shifts and then have to share an office computer to check e-mail or military Web sites. This doesn’t make it easy to keep up with the information you really need to know. Even though we are all busy, it’s vital our civilians, officers and enlisted stay informed on the latest topics.

Our chief of staff recently mandated weekly roll call for supervisors at every level. These weekly meetings should help keep Airmen informed on current issues, clear up confusion and dispel rumors, and provide additional face-to-face communication between supervisors and their teams. A weekly product, called “Roll Call” highlights the topics that supervisors should include in the weekly meetings. “Roll Call” is posted on Air Force Link every Friday. This makes it easy for supervisors to print it, and any other documents released by our Air Force senior leaders, and then share this information with their co-workers. Back in my time as an aircraft maintainer, we had a daily roll call that allowed current information to be shared with everyone.

Getting together once a week where we can discuss the current hot topics and have a chance for face-to-face contact with everyone is invaluable. If there are still questions about a particular issue, then there’s a great opportunity to address this up the chain of command for clarification.

We have the best educated, trained and motivated Airmen in Air Force history. “Roll Call” helps everyone appreciate the opportunities and challenges our Air Force faces. The tried and true statement, “knowledge is power,” is more accurate today than ever because of the changing and challenging environment. Keep up the great work and take advantage of your “Roll Call” to ensure you understand how today’s Air Force issues will affect you.