Strykers in action

Sgt. Matthis Chiroux
Contributing writer

***image1*** The 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment hosted officers from 32 different nations in May, when Soldiers from all over the world came here to observe Strykers in action.

The event ensures U.S. Army Europe’s compliance with the 1999 Vienna Document requiring all signing nations to showcase new weapons and equipment within one year of fielding them on the European Continent, said Marlys Dewar, chief of USAREUR’s Treaty Compliance Branch.

During the day-long event, participants listened to a briefing about the Stryker vehicle and its capabilities and had an opportunity to climb through and in a few cases on Stryker vehicles. Stryker crew members were on hand to answer questions. Afterwards, attendees witnessed an actual training event.

“People are interested in Strykers,” said Lt. Col. Bryan Denny, the 2nd SCR executive officer, “and we love talking about them. We want the attendees here to walk away with a pretty good idea of not only what a Stryker is, but how we use them and what they’re truly capable of.”

The feedback Denny received from participants was mostly positive, he said.
“Everyone seems pretty impressed, and not just with the vehicle itself, but also all of the equipment inside. We are using state-of-the-art technology in the Stryker which many of these Soldiers have never seen before,” he said.

“The Stryker vehicle is very impressive,” said Japanese Army Capt. Hiroshi Yasui, a conference participant from the Japanese Embassy’s Defense Attaché in Berlin. “It can move very fast and has very good armor.”

Captain Yasui said he enjoyed the day’s events immensely and thanked USAREUR for hosting the event.

The Vienna Document is an agreement signed by the member states of the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe. The agreement is intended to strengthen confidence and security among the member states.