Students meet for conference

by Suzanne Smith
Ramstein High School

Students from around the world came together last week for the annual Ramstein American Model United Nations conference.

The sixth annual Model UN conference was hosted by the Ramstein High School Model UN club, a group of students who meet to debate politics and further their knowledge of world affairs. In Model UN, students act as delegates from different countries and debate issues according to their particular countries’ policies in a mock UN setting. This club allows them to develop a passion for international politics and spend time with other students who share the same interests.

“I love how it gives you a way to talk to people who are interested and intelligent,” said Gabbie Schneider, an RHS 11th-grader who represented Ireland at the conference. “It’s a chance to talk about something other than Myspace or video games and actually engage in some real conversation.”

The club invited several different student delegations to participate, including local German nationals, students from KHS and visitors from Kiev, Ukraine. Most of the visitors were attending for the first time, but the Ukrainian delegates are seasoned participants. New or old, however, all of the students had a good experience and learned a great deal at the conference.

“It was a big honor for me to take part in (the) conference for (a) second time,” said Kateryna Logvinenko, a Ukrainian student who represented Slovakia in the debates. “It’s very good that we youth are interested in all world problems and trying to find solutions. I hope I will come next year again to take part in this conference.”