Earth Day

More than 175 countries worldwide celebrated Earth Day April 22.

Earth Day is a uniquely American tradition that started in 1970 by U.S. Senator G. Nelson. Senator Nelson emphasized the wasteful consumption of natural resources and its impact upon the environment and called on Americans to demonstrate for a healthier and cleaner environment. More than 20 million Americans participated on the first Earth Day.

Today, more than ever, the focus is on consumption of resources and environmental change. In the KMC approximately $80 million per year is spent on utilities.
One of the worst problems being encountered is climate change, which is caused by large amounts of greenhouse gases. Some of the effects of global warming are a rise in sea levels and a potential for heavier and more frequent storms and droughts.   
So how can you help? Do your part and reduce your ecological footprint. Even small changes make a difference; change conventional light bulbs to energy saving bulbs, disconnect unused transformers, turn off electronic devices or wash clothes at a lower temperature. 

More tips on reducing your ecological footprint can be obtained by calling the 435th Civil Engineer Squadron  Asset Management Flight at 06371-47-7279.
(Courtesy of 435th CES)