Stuttgart Spring Festival

by Nicole Karsch-Meibom
Contributing writer
Photo courtesy of www.goeckelesmaier.deAt the Stuttgart Spring Festival, enjoy a rotisserie chicken and a beer at one of the many fest tents.
Photo courtesy of
At the Stuttgart Spring Festival, enjoy a rotisserie chicken and a beer at one of the many fest tents.

Some agree there’s nothing bigger, nothing better and nothing more fun than the Stuttgart Spring Festival.

This year, the  76th annual event will be held Saturday to May 11 at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart.

The party is gigantic. On more than 60 acres — the size of about 30 football fields — the festival grounds will be filled with joyrides, beer tents, live bands and partygoers. Some 10,000 people worked together to make this a unique experience.

“We needed the energy of a town with 20,000 inhabitants and the amount of water that could fill 140,000 bath tubs,” said festival spokesman Jörg Klopfer.

Courtesy photoThis year's Stuttgart Spring Festival features many adrenaline pumping rides, including "Break Dance" and "Turbo Force."
Courtesy photo
This year’s Stuttgart Spring Festival features many adrenaline pumping rides, including “Break Dance” and “Turbo Force.”

It is a true record breaker. The Mega King Tower is the highest transportable mega drop tower in the world with a total height of almost 330 feet, and it is on its premier tour through Europe. Be one of the first to have your breath taken away.

But that’s not all there is for those adrenaline junkies out there. From “Break Dance” to “Turbo Force,” there are enough rides to make you scream.

If you’re in for a laugh, visit the “Lach-Freu-Haus,” or laugh-fun-house, with its turning tunnels, water rides and more.

The spring fest offers great, new rides for all ages, but for many, it’s the festival tents that make this place so special.

The Wasenwirt party tent is always the most popular (visit for details). For the latest in chart topping hits, the Wasenwirt tent is the place to go. The tent  is decorated in a stylish combination of Bavarian country style and hot disco nights.

For the Bavarian experience, visit the Göckelesmaier tent (visit for details), where you can dance, enjoy crispy chicken and have a good time with friends. A traditional beer garden can be found outside the tent and is the perfect place to go on sunny afternoons.

At Grandl’s Hofbräu tent (visit for details), some 2,000 visitors are expected to join and sing the traditional Wasen song: “If I think of party and fun, I can just think of our Wasen …”

Lastly, the Almhütte (visit for details) is not so much a tent but several chalets where visitors can dine on a wide selection of alpine cuisine and drink wine while enjoying live music on three stages.

For all festival tents a reservation is recommended, especially if you come with a large group.
Because thousands of visitors are expected to come every day, it is recommended to travel by public transport. The local S-Bahn trains S1, S2, S3, as well as R1, R2 and R8, all arrive at Bad Cannstatt, which is within walking distance of the fest.

If you want to come by car, you can leave your car at parking lot Wilhelmsplatz (Wilhelmsplatz 11), Mühlgrün (Überkinger Straße 13/1), König-Karl-Passage (Badstrasse 17) or Wilhelma (Neckartalstrasse).

The Stuttgart Spring Fest ends May 11 with a 15-minute fireworks display that will illuminate the skies over Stuttgart and the festival.

The festival is open from noon to 11 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, and 11 a.m. to midnight on weekends and public holidays at the Cannstatter Wasen (Mercedesstraße 50).