Summer break ends, school starts Monday

College Night: in search of a few good alumni
The annual Kaiserslautern College Information Night will be Oct. 19 at Ramstein American High School.

More than 1,000 high school students, parents and community members,
are expected to attend. Annually, more than 75 colleges and
universities, scholarship programs and military recruiters provide
information and materials and answer questions about schools and

Many colleges and universities at the event are represented by alumni who live in or near Kaiserslautern.

Anyone who would like to represent their alma mater, should contact
event organizers as soon as possible, as it takes time to contact
alumni and admissions offices to get materials and other information
for the event.

Contact Larry Zani at and identify the school you wish to represent.

Crosswalk monitors needed
The KMC Volunteer Crosswalk Monitor Program needs help from servicemembers and civilians.

The program is looking for volunteers to help ensure crosswalk safety
at Landstuhl, Vogelweh, Ramstein and Sembach school complexes for the
2006-2007 school year.

It takes about 30 minutes. If interested, contact Staff Sgt. John Hume at 489-8139 or e-mail

KAMS open house
Kaiserslautern American Middle School will host Open House for parents and students at 5 p.m. Sept. 5.

LEMS hosts picnic
The Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School will have its annual back to
school picnic from 4 to 6 p.m. today. New and returning students can
check their classroom assignments and mingle with fellow students. For
information, call the school at 06371- 926503.

Sign-ups for school free and reduced lunch
The School Liaison Office will accept applications for the 2006-07
school Free/Reduced Lunch Program from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and
Sunday at the Ramstein BX. Applicants must bring sponsor’s most recent
LES and spouse’s most recent LES/pay stub. For more information 
call the 435th Mission Support Group School Liaison Office at 480-9374
or 06371-47-9374.