Summer Festivals

Photo and graphic by Spreadthesign, Tint Media/


Summer is here and we are ready for it. Enjoy the sun with a glass of regional wine, take advantage of colorful programs offered for children and celebrate in picturesque towns and cities in the area. The perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals, these fests promise culinary and musical fun for the whole family. Admission is free to all of these!

  • Kaiserslautern, old city center: Old City Fair, July 5-7
  • Herxheim am Berg: Palace Garden/Wine Festival, July 5-8
  • Kaiserslautern, Unisport: Wine Fair, July 9
  • Schweigen-Rechtenbach: Limitless Wine, July 6-7
  • Queidersbach, Festplatz: Rooster Festival, July 12-14
  • Ellerstadt: Raachhinkelfeschd, July 19-21
  • Freinsheim: City Wall Fair, July19-22
  • Ludwigshafen, Gemeindehaus Melm: Notwende Fair, July 19-22
  • Ungestein: Wine Summer, July 19-22
  • Grünstadt, Luitpoldplatz: Wine Fair, July 26-29
  • Neuleiningen, oberer Burghof: Castle Wine Fair, Aug. 2-5
  • St. Martin: Wine Fest, Aug. 2-5
  • Bissersheim: FineWine-Bisserheim, Aug. 10-11
  • Asselheim: Weinkerwe, Aug. 15-20
  • Diedesfeld: Weinkerwe, Aug. 16-20
  • Geinsheim: Wein- und Ludwigskerwe, Aug. 23-27
  • Kaiserslautern: Barbarossa Fest, Sep. 5-7


Open air stages across the country await big names for upcoming music festivals that will have fans of many different genres dancing it out until the sunrise.

  • Kaiserslautern: Altstadtfest Mainzer-Tor, July 6
  • Kaiserslautern: Swinging Lautern, Sep. 5-7
  • Bad Dürkheim: Rock im Wingert, Metal Festival, July 6
  • Kaiserslautern, Neumühlepark: French Garden Party, July 13
  • Idar-Oberstein: Rock Festival, July 19-20
  • Ohmbach Lake: See Festival, July 19-21
  • Zweibrücken, city center: Stadtfest, July 26-28
  • Landau: Landauer Sommer, July 26-29
  • Alzey, Schlosshof: Festival Da Capo, Aug. 15-18


Travel back to medieval times with these historic spectacles. Knights and damsels of all ages will love these authentic outdoor festivities whose attractions range from arts and craft markets to royal feasts, Celtic dance performances and action-packed show fights. Beware of evil witches and their spells!

  • Kaiserslautern: Gelterswoog Oct. 3-6
  • Schöneberg: July 26-28