Summer on Bostalsee

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Camping in Germany is considered a bit restrictive based on what a lot of campers coming from the U.S. are used to. Tent or wild camping, while carrying a light load of gear and finding a secluded location in the forest, is a great adventure. However, it is not allowed in most areas especially nature preserve areas or in national parks no matter how large they are.

Some people risk it by being stealthy and setting up a small area for a night or two with a small tent or shelter. The one or two nights that you spend can add up to a costly camping trip if you are stumbled upon by the Forest Meister or locals that report you. Fines can be very steep and if you make a campfire you can expect a lot worse.

German campgrounds are an inexpensive way to enjoy the Summer camping season without the risk of legal fees and having your weekend cut short. They are also a great place to meet the locals, while still getting back to nature because many are located next to rivers, streams, lakes, and hiking areas.

One of my favorite campsites is located at the Bostalsee, which is the largest recreational lake in this area, and one of the best hidden one-day vacation spots that is only 40 minutes from the KMC, and even closer to Baumholder. A quick trip on A62 direction Trier and taking the Tuerkismuehle exit leads you to the brown signs for the Bostalsee and Center Parc recreation areas. You have many options for an amazing day, weekend or longer adventures for singles traveling with friends or the entire family.

If you go for a camping weekend or only have time for a one-day adventure on the Bostalsee there are variety of options located around every side of the lake to suit your needs.

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Campingplatz Bostalsee is one of the best camping areas in this region that offers everything from quiet family spots, cabins, group camping with fire pits, and the group areas for the crowd that wants to camp, BBQ, party, chill out by bonfires, and get very little sleep while hanging out with backpackers and campers from all over Europe.

Standard 220v electrical connections are available for 3 euro per day.

However, you need to bring your own extension cord (the roll-up cords with 4 connections are the best).

There are also very clean and well-kept bathrooms, showers, dishwashing and laundry facilities on site. At the main entrance is a bakery and coffee bistro that also has basic food / personal hygiene items and firewood for sale. The nearest grocery store is only 2 kilometers away in case you happen to run out of major supplies.

This may not seem like camping to some folks’ standards, but the amenities are common in German camping areas and come in handy when you don’t have to drive a long distance to restock. All camping areas fill very quickly, and it is best to make reservations about two weeks prior to your arrival. See camping dos and don’ts on the right.

Center Parc is a resort on the other side of the lake that is a 45 minute hike on the lake trail or 5 minutes away by car, with restaurants, cafes, snack bars, bowling, game rooms, indoor/outdoor mini golf, playgrounds, petting zoo, zip line park, archery, equipment rental (bike, boat, quads, sailing, scuba) as well as a beach with picnic, BBQ areas, a beer garden, and a grocery store where you can pick up anything you need. You can also book condos, and hike, bike or skate around the lake, or enjoy swimming at Aqua Mundo with indoor and outdoor heated pools and water slides.

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Freizeitzentrum Bostalsee is located on the lake within walking distance of the campground. There is a beach with picnic/bbq areas, a water slide that launches you into the lake, beach volleyball, soccer, football golf, trampolines, playgrounds, and a variety of food and drink vendors. Bosiland located next to the parking area is an amazing recreation area for kids and adults that include bouncy houses, slides, go-carts, climbing as well as a snack bar and areas to reserve for birthday parties. You can also rent paddle boats, bikes, go hiking, biking, skating, and jogging on trails around the lake.  During the Summer months, the Bostalsee is a venue for a variety of weekend music and multicultural events. The biggest event of the summer is the Seefest which takes place July 27-28. Dogs are not allowed in the beach area.

Seezeit Lodge Hotel & Spa and conference center is one of the many options available during your visit to the Bostalsee. This amazing lakeside resort has amazing rooms, suites, spa areas, restaurant, conference centers, and hosts a variety of multicultural activities. Situated high above the lake, the Seezeit has amazing views with easy access to all other facilities in the area.

Driving directions, GPS locations, and current events can be found on any of the websites listed.

Do’s and Dont’s – Bostalsee

  • Do call ahead to check if dogs are allowed on specific dates.
  • Be respectful of quiet times especially in the family camping areas.
  • Bring recycle bags to separate glass, paper, and residual waste. The recycle center is located next to the reception area.
  • Make fires only in designated areas or use a grill to make a small fire at your site.
  • Don’t try to check in between 1 to 3 p.m. The reception is closed for quiet time.
  • Don’t invite unwanted animals and insects by leaving around dirty cookware or open food.
  • Don’t make a fire close to bedtime and leave it smoldering for others to smell all night.
  • Don’t allow your pets or children to run freely and disturb you camping neighbors.