Support Center undergoes redesignation

Angelika Lantz

21st TSC Public Affairs

The 21st Theater Support Command’s General Support Center, Europe became the Theater Logistics Support Center, Europe in a redesignation ceremony at the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center on Daenner Kaserne Jan 16.

***image1***There is more to the change than meets the eye, though. Beyond merely changing some initials around, the unit’s reorganization and concurrent renaming, necessitated by the ongoing transformation process, were undertaken to better reflect the organization’s present and future missions.

Brig. Gen. Scott G. West, 21st TSC commander, noted that especially in light of the TSC’s upcoming transformation to an expeditionary force, it will become increasingly important for a forward-deploying organization to have a solid theater sustainment and support base.

“Today this organization is evolving to the next level,” Helmut Haufe, the TLSC-E’s general manager, said.  The full scope of theater-level logistics will encompass supply, maintenance, transportation and, by the end of the year, ammunition capabilities, thus making the organization fully multifunctional, he said.

“Before the year is over, TLSC-E will be the single civilian organization of the Army in Europe providing logistical support,” Mr. Haufe said.

The TLSC-E, which has a staff of almost 1,900, is a largely civilian organization and under civilian leadership. In fact, Mr. Haufe is the only German national to command a brigade-sized organization in the U.S. Army.

The transportation part of the spectrum was officially marked during the ceremony, when command and control of the 6966th Truck Transportation Terminal was transferred from the 37th Transportation Command to the   TLSC-E.

The 6966th, which looks back on a history of more than 50 years, was originally activated in June 1953. It changed its designation from Civilian Labor Group to Civilian Support Center in 1985.