Parking in base housing:
Friendly reminder, parking is only permitted in marked areas, not on sidewalks or crosswalks. Be courteous of your neighbors, only park in your assigned spot for your home.

PCSing soon? Tips for a smooth move
The Housing Office requires 40-day advanced notice of intent to terminate government quarters. Call the Housing Office at 489-6672 or CIV 0631-536-6672 to schedule an in-person appointment. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Provide the Housing Office with 4 sets of orders and port call date, (if known).
  • At the appointment, the Housing Team will schedule a Pre and Final Inspection of your quarters.
  • If you do not have orders or a port call date, only the Pre-Inspection will be scheduled. A separate appointment will be necessary to schedule the Final Inspection.
  • Total of 3 to 5 TLA days will be authorized based on the port call date.
  • Contact the Furnishings Management Section to arrange delivery/pick-up of loaner furniture at DSN 489-6001 or CIV 0631-536-6001.
  • Once the Final Inspection is completed, any necessary clearance document will be signed for your out-processing.
  • After the Final Inspection, provide the Housing Office with the paid hotel receipt, statement of non-availability (if you are staying off-base) and your orders to file your TLA claim for reimbursement.

Lastly, the KMC Housing Team wishes you and your family safe travels!